Saturday, June 30, 2012

I am back and stronger than ever before!

Ok, not really. I actually have a pulled groin that I got during my post run stretch. Stupid, I know. My sister already gave my grief about it so get those thoughts out of your head. Exactly who's head am I speaking of since no one really reads this blog? Dunno

So updates:
1. I'm scheduled to run my it...THIRD half marathon! My goal is under 2 hours.
2. I'm involved with TNT again. I'm mentoring this time and I'm LOVING it! It's like being a sorority big sister again without all the drama and blegh that goes with it! hahaha
3. I still hate waking up at 4 to train, but now that I have mentees that rely on me (and my example - albeit BAD at times), I'm more inclined to wake up and lace up.
4. Thinking of running the FULL marathon in October 2013. I just need to decide on either San Francisco or Big Sur. I would LOVE to run Big Sur. Maybe I'll do BOTH next year? CRAZY? Too much? Yeah, probably.
5. I REALLY want to convince the folks out here at the Cave to host a 10K night run and call it (get ready for it) "Bat Guano Crazy 10K Night Run." BRILLIANT, I know. Now I just need to actually get them to agree, set a date, find a service provider, and ask Bat Cave International if they'd be up for allowing us to host it for them. A daunting task, but maybe I can get that done sometime in 2013?
6. Just realized the lofty goals I've set for myself for 2013. Might just need to tone it down a little.

So, I can't really go out to run my you-know-what off, how about you?
Get out there and RYAO! (for me???)