Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh Lordy!

The sun was out and it said
"Get up! Today is a good day for a run!"
I blinked my eyes, got out of bed.
I got dressed and put a hat on my head.
I stepped outside and boy was it HOT!
About a quarter of a mile, my run was a trot.
Yes, I walked. I walked quite a lot.
Did I mention that it was so damn hot?
Nine in the morning and 83 degrees!
No clouds in the sky and no sign of a breeze.
I forged ahead not just one mile, but two.
After two, I thanked the Lord I was through.
Walked back in the house. AHHHH...feel that cold air!
It feels wonderful as sweat drips from my hair.
I turn on my laptop to blog about my run.
It wasn't great, but it was sort of fun.
I glance at my calendar and let out an EEK!!!
I have to run an 8k in just TWO WEEKS!
I guess my goal of two miles needs adjusting.
More like four miles is what I should be shuffling.
Tomorrow I'll up my mileage from two miles to three.
But for now, I'll hit the showers. I stink! PEW-WEE!
Hope you enjoyed my little "running" poetry.
I'm off to feed my face...I'm soooo super hungry.
Now go RYAO. Stop making excuses!
And this is where I make my exit!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I decided to go out for a "quick run" tonight and was FOILED by the gray truck that was parked past the dynamite shed. Got spooked, turned the opposite direction, but quickly was thankful that I didn't have to run the MONSTER hill. *whew* Crisis averted. Thank you, scary gray truck!

I made sure I completed the two mile run. My Nike+ said I ran it in 9'26", but it's not really calibrated well and my pod is in a pouch on my shoe so it's probably not very accurate. I'm thinking of investing in some Lunar running shoes b/c they have a slot for my pod (and by a slot for my pod, I mean I've designed a really cool design for my shoe and really want to run with them on my feet).

Here is the design:

What do you think? That's it, I've decided. I'm ordering them! Woohoo! New shoes ons!!!
Now, go RYAO people!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Alamo Beer Marathon Challenge Race #1

So two really crazy things happened today:
1. I saw a car TOTALLY hit this deer trying to cross Loop 1604. It was HORRIBLE!!! I sort of wanted to barf after that happened. Poor little guy.
2. I ran my first in a series of 4 races tonight and it was HORRIBLE!!! I sort of wanted to barf, too. My thought was as follows...
"Oh man, I really need to burp."
"Oh man, I really hope this is just a burp."
"Oh man, please don't vomit all over the trail."
"Oh thank GOD it was only a burp."

I can't lie, taking a much needed vacation this week before the race was probably not so good for the running, but man was it good for the soul. Speaking of soul, my right sole is KILLING me. I think it might be time for some new shoes. YEA FOR SHOE SHOPPING!!!

So, I'm back on a running regimen. I'm off beer for a LONG time, which is tragic because Wurstfest is the weekend before the half marathon. I guess Matt Carr has an automatic designated driver for the night. Poor Pacheco, she's not sure if she can hold out. According to her, it's her time to "eat like crap and drink lots of beer." Then again, she's such a great runner and I doubt it'll hurt her that much. (not fair)

Well, race #2 is next month. I have quite a bit of catching up to do as far as training goes. Wish me luck! Oh, and have you gone out and RYAO lately?

Friday, July 8, 2011

PTA Run for Fun

So I'm in Austin, Texas for a Parent/Teacher Assoc. conference. I'm completely wiped out, but one of our board members/fellow teacher wanted me to go running with her. Did I really want to? Hell to the no, but I was so moved by her enthusiasm that I couldn't help myself. I ran a mile in a little under 11 minutes. Now I'm REALLY beat and ready for bed. Thank you, Laura, for making me get out and run. I heart you!!!

July already?!?

Running has given me an opportunity to reach out and be a benefit to a fellow human being.

Mark Goldstein on the Komen Race for the Cure, a 5-K that raises breast cancer awareness

I received that from Runner's World's "Daily Kick in the Butt." I thought about that quote and I came to the understanding that while Mr. Goldstein used his running to raise funds for breast cancer awareness/research, I use running to help others try and get fit. That was made clearer when I told a friend of mine that I had deactivated my facebook account. She was disappointed b/c she had used my RYAO running group as her source for information and such. So I directed her to this blog. The running blog that no one really reads or responds to. Maybe she will. Maybe she'll get others interested. Maybe she'll become her area ME and inspire others to get out there and run THEIR a$$es off. Who knows. I just know that even if it's only ONE person, it's something, right?

Now, get out there and RYAO!!!