Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dia de los Muertos Night Run 2011

What an AMAZING race! Dia de los Muertos Night Run ROCKED!!!

Here are some reasons why I will run this race EVERY year:
1. the course was clearly marked - There was no question as to what route the runners were supposed to take. The marked trails were WAY over the top, but better over done than under done.
2. the runners - The menagerie of costumes was great. My favorite? Deviled egg. Second fave? ChapulĂ­n. Donna and I spent a good 15 minutes discussing what we should dress up as next year. Any ideas?
3. the organization - I was worried about packet pickup b/c usually pickups at the actual race are a huge mess, but these people had it TOTALLY TOGETHER! They accidentally gave Donna a cotton tee instead of a tech tee and she exchanged it without incident. Everyone was so incredibly friendly and the volunteers on the trail were so helpful. They had an overabundance of volunteers, but that made for a very pleasant experience.
4. the weather - I realize this isn't the actual doing of the race coordinators, but you can't complain about a five mile run when it's in the low 60's high 50's.
5. the unexpected friend along the way - Donna and I actually found a rhythm to our running and breathing so we were actually able to have a conversation during the run. I had mentioned to her that the trail reminded me of running out at the Cave without the gigantic hills. Suddenly I hear, "Lali?" Well, it was dark so I couldn't see who it was. As I look over, blinding each other with our headlamps, I replied, "Who is that?" In a VERY familiar voice, I hear, "It's Ella." ARGH!!! A former co-worker of mine from East Central. We jogged together for a while, talked for a while, then she wished us well and had to walk a bit. Since Donna and I ran the whole time (Did you get that? We ran the FULL FIVE MILES.), I doubled back down the trail, found Ella and encouraged her to the finish. She did GREAT! I'm so proud of her. She said, "I knew it HAD to be you. I don't know anyone else that runs at a cave."

There was one teeny, tiny snag. They ran out of cups at the second water station. They actually had water, but I got creeped out at the thought of drinking water straight from the water jug especially knowing someone else has probably done the same. But again, the weather was such that I didn't really feel dehydrated. I guess drinking water all day helped a bit with that, too.

I didn't have my camera last night, but I did have someone take our picture post run. I'll get that up as soon as I get it. My next race? ROCK-N-ROLL San Antonio half marathon. Am I ready? Absolutely NOT, but that's ok. I'm not in it to win it. I'm in it for the joy of running. How about you? Do you enjoy RYAO?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How long do I have?

As I waited for the all clear from our tutoring bus driver, I contemplated the night run that's scheduled for tomorrow night. Then I started to look forward to next weekend because I, for quite some time, don't have anything planned. Then it dawned on me...


Holy smoked! What am I thinking! How could I have forgotten this?

Not only am I not prepared for this Rock-n-Roll half marathon, but now I've agreed to "run" the Austin Livestrong half marathon in February. EEK! I can do this. I can do this. I WILL DO THIS!!! (Dear, God, please provide me with endurance, stamina, and discipline.)

Tomorrow I'll lace up and get out. Will you? RYAO, people!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dia de los Muertos is Friday!

True story:

Sandy, my confirmation sponsor, and I were talking about how to "be" with God. I told her about how I feel closest to God during and soon after my runs. So after three weeks of making excuses for NOT running, I bought a headlamp and laced up and headed out tonight. A little under 1/2 way through my night run (making pretty good pace and after a sad attempt at the rosary) I thought to myself, running in the dark out here in the middle of nowhere is usually a stereotypical setting for a horror movie (running into an axe killer, grizzly bear, zombies). I prayed harder and louder b/c of my paranoia and what did I almost step on? A RATTLESNAKE!!! I quickly started reciting my guardian angel prayer, backed up S-L-O-W-L-Y and ran all the way back home.

I really hope my run on Friday doesn't have snakes ... or axe killers ... or grizzly bears ... or zombies.

So, I went out to RMAO. Have you RYAO lately?