Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wow...6:30 am? Really?

Not sure what got into me this morning, but I woke up (willingly), made breakfast for me and Matt Carr, took care of Arnold, then went out for a 3+ mile run. WHAT? I guess I'm getting ready for Summer when I'll be able to do such things.

Looking forward to the Morgan's Wonderland 5K. I'm trying to shave off some time so I can reach an 11' mile. That still seems like a long time, but I'm working my way down to a 9' mile. *pffffffffff
While out on my run, I saw someone riding a gator towards me. I realized it was Matt Carr. I thought to myself, "Whew, I'm glad he drove up and I was running. I hate the thought of him catching me when I'm walking. Ok, don't walk. Make it to the gate. You can do this!" Guess what? I didn't. I ALMOST did, but stopped 15 feet short or so, but I did almost sprint the last 30 feet or so. Does that make up for it? Anyone? Anyone? *sigh*

Well, I have a ton to do today. One of which is to actually SIGN UP for the Morgan's Wonderland 5K. TTFN and get out there and RYAO!!!

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