Monday, August 2, 2010

What in the world?

Thanks to my podiatrist, I now have a new running stride. He said I was very "hoppy" when I ran so he suggested some things to keep me more grounded. I am also a "heel striker." That means I run from heel to toe. No bueno. Took his advice and guess what? I have FREAKING SHIN SPLINTS AGAIN!!!! grrrrrrr
I guess the good thing is that my shin splints aren't in the same spot. New stride, new shin splints. booooooooo!
I still ran about 3.5 miles in 40' or so. Otherwise I feel FANTASTIC. My breathing is great, mentally, I'm doing good. If my legs would just cooperate, I'd be in perfect condition! Tomorrow I rest and I start again on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

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