Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Six miles!

It was hard. It was hot. Running in 98 degree weather at 8:00 p.m. is TORTURE! I mostly walked, but still averaged a 12 minute mile. Not bad for someone who was about to puke and pass out. I felt so bad that I came home, showered, didn't eat dinner, and went straight to bed. *ugh*
I'm almost at my fundraising goal. I'm super excited. I'm also only 7 miles from a half marathon. I can't wait! It's starting to hit me that I'm actually going to participate in a half marathon! ME! LOL
Here are a few reasons why I like running:
1. It's better than sitting on my fat a$$ all day.
2. I feel like I've accomplished something productive.
3. I visualize that my blood is flowing through my body and heart and it's making me healthier.
4. I can clear my mind of all the noise.
I think I'll add new reasons as they come up. Well, keep on keeping on, right? HEY WORLD! I'M RUNNING A HALF MARATHON!!!


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