Friday, July 19, 2013

2012-2013 in a flash

This year has been quite a growing year.
First, I helped mentor 3rd grade students through their own running journey.
Second, I had to help them understand just how evil the world can be when they asked questions about the Boston Marathon bombing. THAT is a hard conversation to have with an 8 year old.
Third, just when I reached running 16 miles, I decide to xtrain and blew out the ligaments in my ankle. The recovery has been pretty mild, but it has caused other issues that have impeded my ability to run freely. Eh, that's ok. I'll get back to where I was in time, right?
Last, I've moved campuses. I am now a principal at an early childhood center. I am SUPER excited, albeit a bit nervous. It's one thing to help someone else in charge, but now I'm the one in charge and it mostly falls to me. Luckily I've hired a WONDERFUL person to help me out. I just know this year is going to be awesome!
I'm also nervous about my next running adventure. I've been selected to participate in the Nike Women's Half/Full Marathon in San Francisco. Am I going to be ready for 13.1 miles by mid October? God only knows, but I'll try my best!!! I'm also going to run my first 5K since before my surgery. My doctor said to walk it so as not to injure my Achilles tendon any further, but the burning in me to run it is so strong. I know, small steps. I'll follow his instructions and give my goblin legs a break.
Well, that's all for now. Sad that I can sum up a year's worth of running in such a short entry, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, right???

Until next time: lace up, head out, and RYAO!

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