Sunday, July 21, 2013

What in the world???

I cannot believe what just happened!

So yesterday (July 20, 2013) I completed my first 5k race since before my surgery in April. The catch was that my doctor said I wasn't allowed to run and so I had to switch my entry from a "run" race to a "walk" race. I knew that I was mentally ready to run my 5k so I knew that I could complete my 5k with a fierce attempt at walking. So I gave it my all and guess what??? I won my age division! I canNOT believe it! I even won a medal! The bad part is that when I was presented with the medal, Randy Beamer hit me in the head with the microphone. LAME! You can see my pics with a before and after. HAHAHA

But, I WON A MEDAL! I rock at walking!

How 'bout you? RYAO (or should I say WYAO)

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