Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Indulge me for a moment, won't you?

Last night I had a dream about snakes. Not just any snake, RATTLESNAKES. Matt and I were in Tahiti and as I was walking back to my apartment (yes, we were staying in a dorm-like arrangement), I took a shortcut through some bushes and came upon a rattlesnake. I froze, closed my eyes, prayed to God that I would be spared it's venomous bite. When I opened my eyes again, I grabbed the snake, tossed it aside and went inside. I, of course, had to call 911 because I had indeed been bitten in the thigh. A local doctor brought me the antivenin and I pulled through. Thank goodness because later that day Matt and I had to go have lunch with a bunch of rich people where we feasted on crab and drank hibiscus tea (don't ask). But I noticed that rattlesnakes surrounded our apartment so making out to lunch was tricky. At lunch, Matt and I got the news from Jennifer Aniston that we would be going scuba diving with her and Owen Wilson. (???) I of course was worried about rattlesnakes in the ocean. Hello!!! There aren't rattlesnakes in the ocean! *whew* But there are SEA SNAKES!!! Then my alarm went off. *double whew* What could all of that mean???

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