Friday, July 15, 2011

Alamo Beer Marathon Challenge Race #1

So two really crazy things happened today:
1. I saw a car TOTALLY hit this deer trying to cross Loop 1604. It was HORRIBLE!!! I sort of wanted to barf after that happened. Poor little guy.
2. I ran my first in a series of 4 races tonight and it was HORRIBLE!!! I sort of wanted to barf, too. My thought was as follows...
"Oh man, I really need to burp."
"Oh man, I really hope this is just a burp."
"Oh man, please don't vomit all over the trail."
"Oh thank GOD it was only a burp."

I can't lie, taking a much needed vacation this week before the race was probably not so good for the running, but man was it good for the soul. Speaking of soul, my right sole is KILLING me. I think it might be time for some new shoes. YEA FOR SHOE SHOPPING!!!

So, I'm back on a running regimen. I'm off beer for a LONG time, which is tragic because Wurstfest is the weekend before the half marathon. I guess Matt Carr has an automatic designated driver for the night. Poor Pacheco, she's not sure if she can hold out. According to her, it's her time to "eat like crap and drink lots of beer." Then again, she's such a great runner and I doubt it'll hurt her that much. (not fair)

Well, race #2 is next month. I have quite a bit of catching up to do as far as training goes. Wish me luck! Oh, and have you gone out and RYAO lately?


  1. Hi, found your blog searching for the alamo beer run. I have been in the same boat about thinking you were going to be sick. Thankfully, it hasnt happened. A friend of mine and I came down for the run from Terrell. A good excuse for a trip. We probably will come down there next month too. Good luck on your running.

  2. ARGH!

    Thanks for visiting!!! I just got a shot of adrenaline at the thought of someone OTHER than my sister and my bff having read this blog. hahaha

    I also got a shot of HORROR at the thought of me not having run in a while and a total stranger coming to visit. I guess now I have a reason for me to get out and run again, huh? *ugh* It might be hard since I just got back from Alamo Draft House. That might make tomorrow's run tough, but at the risk of you coming back for a visit and me not having run, I guess I'll do it. :-D

    See you next month!