Saturday, July 23, 2011


I decided to go out for a "quick run" tonight and was FOILED by the gray truck that was parked past the dynamite shed. Got spooked, turned the opposite direction, but quickly was thankful that I didn't have to run the MONSTER hill. *whew* Crisis averted. Thank you, scary gray truck!

I made sure I completed the two mile run. My Nike+ said I ran it in 9'26", but it's not really calibrated well and my pod is in a pouch on my shoe so it's probably not very accurate. I'm thinking of investing in some Lunar running shoes b/c they have a slot for my pod (and by a slot for my pod, I mean I've designed a really cool design for my shoe and really want to run with them on my feet).

Here is the design:

What do you think? That's it, I've decided. I'm ordering them! Woohoo! New shoes ons!!!
Now, go RYAO people!!!

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