Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh Lordy!

The sun was out and it said
"Get up! Today is a good day for a run!"
I blinked my eyes, got out of bed.
I got dressed and put a hat on my head.
I stepped outside and boy was it HOT!
About a quarter of a mile, my run was a trot.
Yes, I walked. I walked quite a lot.
Did I mention that it was so damn hot?
Nine in the morning and 83 degrees!
No clouds in the sky and no sign of a breeze.
I forged ahead not just one mile, but two.
After two, I thanked the Lord I was through.
Walked back in the house. AHHHH...feel that cold air!
It feels wonderful as sweat drips from my hair.
I turn on my laptop to blog about my run.
It wasn't great, but it was sort of fun.
I glance at my calendar and let out an EEK!!!
I have to run an 8k in just TWO WEEKS!
I guess my goal of two miles needs adjusting.
More like four miles is what I should be shuffling.
Tomorrow I'll up my mileage from two miles to three.
But for now, I'll hit the showers. I stink! PEW-WEE!
Hope you enjoyed my little "running" poetry.
I'm off to feed my face...I'm soooo super hungry.
Now go RYAO. Stop making excuses!
And this is where I make my exit!

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