Friday, July 8, 2011

July already?!?

Running has given me an opportunity to reach out and be a benefit to a fellow human being.

Mark Goldstein on the Komen Race for the Cure, a 5-K that raises breast cancer awareness

I received that from Runner's World's "Daily Kick in the Butt." I thought about that quote and I came to the understanding that while Mr. Goldstein used his running to raise funds for breast cancer awareness/research, I use running to help others try and get fit. That was made clearer when I told a friend of mine that I had deactivated my facebook account. She was disappointed b/c she had used my RYAO running group as her source for information and such. So I directed her to this blog. The running blog that no one really reads or responds to. Maybe she will. Maybe she'll get others interested. Maybe she'll become her area ME and inspire others to get out there and run THEIR a$$es off. Who knows. I just know that even if it's only ONE person, it's something, right?

Now, get out there and RYAO!!!

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