Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alamo Beer Marathon Series Race #2

Well, two down and two to go before the SARnR. Boy are my legs sore! Sheesh!!!
The 8k went well, I think. It felt like I ran longer than an 8K. My Nike+ said it was longer, but that thing always says I've run farther than I actually do. My knee feels pretty good. I can tell I need to start rehab again though.

I've always wondered how in the world people can drink beer after a run. I've never been able to enjoy a brew post run...until now. Yup, thanks to Alamo Beer, I had my first ever post run beer. Alamo Beer Pale Ale is pretty awesome. The weather was really hot and humid, but that beer really hit the spot.

I also just bought some new kicks! I finally went out and bought some Newton running shoes. Can't lie, they're pretty sweet. I can't wait for my run tomorrow to wear them. Is that nerdy? hahaha

Well, tomorrow I really need to get on a set schedule since my next run is a 10k. Am I nervous? Nah. I've never entered these to actually WIN. I just enter to keep myself motivated to run. Well, I also run so that I don't lose my ever lovin' mind. :-)
How about you?

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