Monday, August 15, 2011

I got me some new kicks!

I had such a long day today I had to convince myself on the long ride home that running would really be in my best interest today. After all, I need to increase my mileage over the next few weeks. My motivation would have none of it. But then...dun-dun-duuuun (dramatic music)...I remembered that I bought some new SHOES!!! I got home, unpacked the car (repacked it into my little car) said hi to the boy and the man (both outside playing around) and went inside to change. Picked out a cute running skirt and a pink top. Laced up my Newtons, switched over my papoose from my old pair of shoes to my new pair and off I went. Man I felt GREAT!

Then I got to the hill. Not so bueno. Walked up the hill, passed up the mini road to the pit, and started back up to running again at the well. Can you tell I live in the country? hahaha
Had a pretty good jog until I got to the cattle guard. It always slows me down b/c I'm afraid my foot will slip right through those bars and my foot will get all mangled and gross. Started jogging again not long after the short incline (just before the deer feeder) then jogged all the way down the hill, past the tank, took a short walk past the gas tank and dynamite shed (not close enough to really be worried about blowing up) and up to the back deer gate. So, yes, it's REAL country, but boy is it a sight. I especially love running these roads when the miles go up and the temperatures go down. It's a beauty.

Oh, one more thing, I was apparently so excited about getting out and running that I forgot to Glide. For those of you who are runners, you'll know the significance of NOT Gliding. It totally cut my run short. *ugh*

Well, tomorrow is a XT day. I wonder what I'll do? Wednesday is a follow up run and I'm already super excited. What about you? Any plans to get out and RYAO?

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